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  • BS EN 12573
  • EN 13067

For more than 40 years NIPLAST® storage tanks have stored millions of litres of corrosive solutions for a wide range of industries including water treatment, wastewater treatment, chemical manufacture and processing, food and pharmaceutical processing, and paper manufacture to name a few.

Thousands of NIPLAST ® bulk storage tanks manufactured from polypropylene and high-density polyethylene store acids, alkalis, waters, foodstuffs, effluents and more everyday.

NIPLAST ® tanks are designed and manufactured to the British and European Standard BS EN 12573 and also to the fore-running German specification DVS 2205, using only the highest quality component materials available.

Product Specification


Product Specification

NIPLAST ® chemical storage tanks are constructed from the highest-rated welding technique within that design code, ie. the butt fusion of extruded thermoplastic plates. High-precision automated but fusion machine welds ensure tank integrity over design lives of 20 years. Third party employee certification to EN 13067 by The Welding Institute (TWI) underwrites that tank integrity.

Our innovative and flexible manufacturing capabilities mean there are no restrictions on tank diameter, thereby allowing a fully-bespoke design to optimise the chemical storage solution.

NIPLAST ® chemical storage tanks are available with a simple flat base design or with fully supported load-bearing internal bases, either inclined or conical to promote contents discharge.

Chemicals and solutions requiring temperature maintenance can be stored in NIPLAST ® tanks with integral frost protection systems.

Where site access for factory manufactured NIPLAST ®  tanks is difficult or impossible our SITEBILT ® range is available.

NIPLAST ® tanks are available with ancillaries including access ladders, hand-railing to tank roofs, dedicated containment bunds

More About Chemical Storage Tanks

#1 Chemical Storage Tank Manufacturer

High-quality, well-manufactured chemical storage tanks are essential for ensuring safety, reliability, and compliance in handling hazardous substances like hydrochloric acid or those with a specific gravity of up to 2 SG. These tanks offer superior corrosion resistance, structural integrity, and durability, effectively safeguarding against leaks, spills, and environmental contamination. You can find our full range of tanks here.

Strict adherence to industry standards and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures such tanks provide peace of mind, protecting workers, the environment, and valuable assets.

Investing in a top-quality chemical storage tank is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, guaranteeing optimal chemical storage conditions for a wide range of chemicals, and mitigating risks associated with improper storage practices.

Are you looking for top tier chemical storage tanks manufacturers? Call Niplast today for a quote.

High-Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene Chemical Tanks

When it comes to storing hazardous chemicals, having the right equipment is crucial. Polyethylene chemical storage tanks are widely recognised as one of the best options for safe and reliable chemical storage. These tanks are specifically designed to withstand the harsh demands of storing corrosive substances while ensuring maximum safety and durability.

While there are various options that store varying types of liquids, our tanks are amongst some of the best in the business, available in the capacity you require. That is what makes us one of the best, most trusted chemical storage tank manufacturers.

High-Density Polyethylene chemical tanks offer numerous advantages that make them an ideal choice for chemical storage applications. Here are some key benefits:

Exceptional Chemical Resistance

HDPE is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and corrosive materials. This inherent resistance ensures that the tanks can safely store various types of chemicals without the risk of degradation or contamination.

Durability and Longevity

HDPE tanks are known for their excellent strength and durability. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, sunlight exposure, and impacts. The material does not rust or corrode, ensuring a longer service life of your chemical storage compared to other tank materials.

Leak-proof Construction

HDPE tanks are manufactured using advanced welding techniques, resulting in seamless and leak-proof construction regardless of what is stored. This eliminates the risk of chemical leaks, spills, and environmental contamination, ensuring they are best suited as a secure storage solution for hazardous substances.

Versatility in Design

HDPE chemical tanks can be customised to meet specific storage requirements. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, allowing for easy integration into different industrial settings. Furthermore, our tanks can be equipped with additional features such as access man-ways, fittings, vents, and level indicators to enhance functionality and ease of use.

Regulatory Compliance

HDPE tanks are designed and manufactured to meet stringent industry standards and regulations regardless of their capacities. They conform to standards such as BS EN 12573 and DVS 2205, ensuring compliance with safety and quality requirements. Choosing HDPE for your chemical storage tanks helps businesses maintain regulatory compliance and minimise the risk of penalties or fines.

Cost-effective Solution

HDPE chemical tanks offer a cost-effective storage solution. They require minimal maintenance, reducing ongoing expenses. Additionally, their long lifespan and resistance to chemical degradation eliminate the need for frequent replacements, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

At Niplast we are the leaders in chemical storage tank supplier. Our chemical storage tank(s) are used in a variety of industries such as water treatment, manufacturing, and others. If you are looking for chemical storage tanks that are durable, and can be trusted then we can help you! Co more. Contact us today to find out more

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    Today, with over 40 years of brand heritage, Niplast is an expert in manufacturing plastic bulk storage tanks or industrial tanks to strict CEN standard BS EN 12573 and its forerunner DVS 2205.

    Our long history of innovatively applying these standards to solve chemical storage problems sets us apart from other brands of underground water tanks and chemical storage solutions. Sometimes, you need to think outside of the tank!

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