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Six Heated Tanks For UK Ink Plant

Liquids handling specialist, Niplast of Stockport has completed the design, supply and commissioning of six 20,000 litre thermoplastic storage tanks for Coates Lorilleux, one of the world's largest suppliers of specialist inks and services for offset litho, gravure and flexographic printing processes. Used for the containment of water-based raw materials, the tanks have been installed at the Coates Lorilleux liquid inks plants in Milnrow, Rochdale, and they feature fully-integrated electrical trace heating, for maintaining the product at a mean temperature of 20°C to retain viscosity. The contract is valued in excess of £50,000.

Coates Lorilleux in the UK performs a leading role in the development and manufacture of offset, liquid and web inks. Its Rochdale Plant produces inks and coatings for the converting, packaging and decoratives industries, with the emphasis on product quality and technical performance.

The Niplast chemical storage tanks form part of a new printing inks facility, implemented by engineering contractor Bovis Tanvec. Each vessel was designed and constructed for the storage of aqueous acrylic resins with a specific gravity of 1.10 and the UV-stabilised polypropylene material is chemically compatible with the product. With a working capacity of 20,000 litres, the tanks measure 4160mm high x 2696mm dia and are self-coloured in Goosewing Grey to suit customer requirements.

To maintain working temperature and provide frost protection, self-limiting electrical trace heating tape is fitted to the lower part of each tank body, complete with duty and standby thermostats. The entire body is additionally lagged with 50mm rockwool insulation and externally clad with the same thermoplastic used for the tank, maintaining compatibility and ensuring the heating system is sealed as an integral part of the vessel.

Each vessel’s conical top incorporates a maintenance access manway and is designed to withstand snow loading. Other fittings include a 100mm dia fill line for bulk deliveries, an overflow with watertight self-sealing flap, and a low-level side entry manway, with removable bolted cover. The thermoplastic material is lightweight, robust, corrosion-resistant and requires minimal maintenance, indeed, other Niplast tanks on site, installed more than ten years ago, are still in good working order.

Niplast fulfilled the order within six weeks of placement, including submission of engineering drawings, manufacture and factory acceptance trials. The company also conducted on-site dry and wet commissioning, which involved the electronic spark testing of all tanks to verify the integrity of welds.

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