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Niplast's Green Gas Scrubbing Towers for Materion

In a notable environmental initiative, Niplast successfully implemented two state-of-the-art gas scrubbing towers at Materion's facility. Our meticulously designed towers were engineered for a specific gravity of 1.00 and an average temperature of 20°C, ensuring optimal performance over a 20-year lifespan.

The “MACRO” gas scrubbing towers employed the recirculating packed tower mass transfer method, utilising a blend of water and caustic soda as the scrubbing solution. This approach enhances efficiency and champions environmental sustainability. The towers and stacks were meticulously designed to harmonise with local wind speeds, ensuring seamless integration with the surrounding environment in addition to optimal performance.

Materion’s gas scrubbing towers feature a cylindrical vertical shell, a conical roof, and a 1-meter stack with holding-down chairs on a flat base. The internal scrubber diameter was 2000mm, the external base was 2156mm, and the scrubber shell stood at a height of 5700mm, resulting in an overall vertical height of 6500mm and a packed tower height of 2200mm. These towers optimise scrubber gas flow at 24,000 m3 per hour, complemented by a fan rating of 31000 m3 per hour and a pump rate of 50m3 per hour at 2.0 barG, enhancing overall functionality.

Materion Fume Scrubbers in Situ

Beyond delivering these cutting-edge scrubbers, we ensured an efficient gas-to-liquid transfer process through integrated recirculating pumps, functioning continuously for chemical transfer efficiency. We also installed a VCP HP 710 ED fan and ducting system, which boasts a flow rate of 31,000m3, static pressure of 3100 Pa, and turbine speed of 1179 rpm. The ductwork, primarily comprising 900mm NB diameter polypropylene, utilises UV-stabilised material for durability in demanding environments, with a maximum gas temperature tolerance of 60°C and an absorbed power of 36Kw.

The Niplast system seamlessly integrates with Materion’s chemical cleaning lines, playing a crucial role in extracting fumes integral to their semiconductor service business. This strategic integration underscores our commitment to tailored and comprehensive solutions for Materion’s environmental and operational needs.

Niplast’s expertise in crafting these towers ensures Materion benefits from cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing superior gas scrubbing capabilities and contributing significantly to a cleaner, greener environment.

Materion Fume Scrubbers

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