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Founded in 1979, Niplast stands as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial plastic storage tanks and bunded chemical tanks in the UK. From the factory floor to the boardroom, we have a cumulative experience of over 100 years. And over the last four decades we have built a reputation as the leading manufacturers of industrial bulk liquid plastic storage tanks, which is a testament to our continuous innovation and commitment to excellence.

As esteemed plastic tank manufacturers, our reputation is built on a strong foundation of experience and manufacturing proficiency. We specialise in the design, manufacture, and supply of plastic tanks for various industries. From water tanks designed for efficient waste water storage, to cylindrical tanks for chemical storage, we offer tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our comprehensive range of custom tanks cater to specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for every application. Niplast’s expertise extends beyond the manufacturing process, as we also offer installation services to ensure a seamless transition from production to utilisation.


Not Your Average Plastic Tank Company

As the leading manufacturer in the UK, we are committed to manufacturing a finished product that meets and exceeds the following criteria. We adhere to the rigorous standards set forth by CEN standard BS EN 12573 and its precursor, the German specification, DVS 2205. These standards demand meticulous attention to every storage parameter, encompassing specific gravity, temperature, location, and compatibility.

Our tanks are predominantly crafted from fabrication-grade polypropylene, whether homo or co-polymer, high-density polyethylene, and PVDF, all of which meet the ISO 9001 quality assurance regulations.

The tanks are butt-fusion welded from extruded thermoplastic sheets, ensuring inherent long-term strength. This technique, as recognised by BS EN 12573, offers the highest weld strength possible, surpassing all other welding methods, including helical extrusion welding.

Moreover, our skilled fabricators are trained to the esteemed welder certification standard EN 13067, guaranteeing the expertise and proficiency required to uphold our commitment to excellence. When you choose our tank company, you are selecting products crafted with precision, reflecting our dedication to quality and durability.

Excellent Customer Service

We care about not just delivering the highest quality storage solutions but also about the businesses that rely on them. That’s why we’ve made sure that our clients benefit from professional customer service, to support them in addressing any concerns that arise.

Whether you have a question about our plastic storage tanks, or just need a quote, our team can help you!

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    Today, with over 40 years of brand heritage, Niplast is an expert in manufacturing plastic bulk storage tanks or industrial tanks to strict CEN standard BS EN 12573 and its forerunner DVS 2205.

    Our long history of innovatively applying these standards to solve chemical storage problems sets us apart from other brands of underground water tanks and chemical storage solutions. Sometimes, you need to think outside of the tank!

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