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Food Grade Contact Tanks From Niplast®

FDA and EU Compliant materials - EU Regulation 10/2011/EU - FDA Code of Federal Regulation (21 CFR

  • Internal Sloping Base and conical base options
  • UV Stabilised for External Use
  • Manufactured to BS EN 12573
  • TWI accredited welding personnel
  • Natural (transparent) materials for indoors use

Introducing Niplast’s exceptional food-grade contact tanks, meticulously crafted to surpass industry standards and elevate your food storage and processing operations. Our tanks are built using materials that meet the rigorous regulations set by the FDA and the EU, ensuring unparalleled safety and quality for your products.

Experience the convenience of our internal sloping base and conical base options, specifically designed to facilitate the maximum evacuation of your high value-added products.

Product Specification

Product Specification

Manufactured from EU and FDA-approved polypropylene or high-density polyethylene, Niplast® Food Contact Tanks offer a cost-effective long-term alternative to other materials, such as stainless steel, for the storage of liquid foodstuffs.

NIPLAST food contact tanks provide excellent corrosion resistance and less porous inner surfaces, thus reducing bacteria growth, meaning the contents remain odour free and do not taint.

NIPLAST tanks are available in cylindrical vertical and rectangular vertical formats, catering to a wide range of industries and applications. These versatile tanks have been successfully utilized for storing various liquids, including liquid sugar, beer, olive oil, rapeseed oil, malt and spirit vinegar, fruit juices, milk, citric acid, and many more.

What sets NIPLAST tanks apart is flexibility in design and manufacturing. This allows for customization to meet specific operational requirements. Having options such as internal sloping and conical bases, these tanks maximize the extraction of high-added-value foodstuffs, ensuring efficiency and minimal wastage.

NIPLAST offers mixer support bridges and internal baffle options for those needing food mixing capabilities. These features are specifically designed to enhance the performance of food mixing models, providing optimal results and versatility in food processing.

Whether you require precise liquid sugar storage, efficient mixing of food products, or secure containment of various liquids, NIPLAST tanks offer the perfect solution. An adaptable design, superior construction, and tailored features, NIPLAST tanks are the go-to choice for industries seeking reliable and efficient liquid storage and processing solutions.

High-Quality Food Grade Contact Tanks

Niplast stands as a trusted leader, boasting over 40 years of brand heritage. We specialize in the manufacturing of plastic bulk storage tanks, adhering to stringent design standards such as the CEN standard BS EN 12573 and its predecessor, DVS 2205.

What truly sets Niplast apart is our unwavering commitment to applying these standards in innovative ways to solve complex chemical storage challenges faced by our clients. We understand that sometimes the solution lies beyond the conventional boundaries of a tank. That’s why we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the tank to deliver tailored and cutting-edge solutions.

By Choosing Niplast, you can trust that our tanks not only meet regulatory requirements but also deliver superior performance, offering peace of mind and a solid foundation for your food storage needs.

More about Food Grade Contact Tanks

Food Grade Contact Tanks

Today, for companies producing food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products, storing raw ingredients or end products requires specialised food-grade contact tanks built to the highest hygiene and purity standards. Maintaining complete separation from contamination risks is essential for consumer safety. In the UK, reputable suppliers like Niplast provide plastic tank solutions specifically engineered for food contact. This makes our food storage tanks the best choice for businesses in the food processing industry.

Top Quality Food Grade Contact Tanks

Niplast’s food-grade contact tanks are crafted to offer a cost-effective and robust alternative to conventional materials, such as stainless steel; our tanks redefine excellence in the preservation of consumables.

Whether you require cylindrical vertical or rectangular formats, our food-grade range presents versatile options to meet your storage requirements. From liquid sugar, beer, and olive oil to rapeseed oil, malt and spirit vinegars, fruit juices, milk, and citric acid – Niplast tanks provide a secure haven for a wide spectrum of liquid commodities.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and hygiene means each tank is engineered with precision. Plus, all tanks boast exceptional corrosion resistance and feature substantially less porous inner surfaces. This deliberate design mitigates bacterial growth, ensuring your stored contents remain untainted and devoid of unwanted odours.

Businesses seeking enhanced functionality will benefit from an array of supplementary features, including mixer support bridges and internal baffle configurations, tailored specifically for food mixing models. Trust Niplast to safeguard your liquid edibles with the utmost care, enabling you to store, preserve, and protect your valuable commodities without compromise.

Storage Tanks Designed for Easy Cleaning and Sterilisation

In addition to food-safe construction, food contact tanks incorporate design elements focused on hygiene and ease of cleaning. CIP spray ball cleaning capabilities are integrated directly into many food contact tank models, along with bespoke tank design capabilities for industries that need it.

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Reliable Construction for Years of Use

Food production facilities need storage tanks engineered for repeated daily use over many years while protecting contents from external or cross-contamination. Our polyethylene food tanks withstand heavy use without cracking, leaking, or degradation. We utilise only the highest quality materials and construction methods which is why we are the UK’s leading manufacturer of foodstuff storage tanks.

In addition to storing liquid foods, they are also ideally suited to be used as a water tank or part of rainwater harvesting systems.

Food Safety Shouldn’t Be Compromised

In the food, pharmaceutical, and drinks industry, avoiding contamination and maintaining purity throughout storage and transfer processes is too important to cut corners.

Partnering with us as your supplier for a food-grade contact tank ensures you have an asset engineered to safeguard your products and consumers. This investment in quality pays dividends across your entire operation.

Do you have a question about our food-grade contact tanks? Want to choose the right tank size or find our more information about install? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our food storage tank solutions.

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    Today, with over 40 years of brand heritage, Niplast is an expert in manufacturing plastic bulk storage tanks or industrial tanks to strict CEN standard BS EN 12573 and its forerunner DVS 2205.

    Our long history of innovatively applying these standards to solve chemical storage problems sets us apart from other brands of underground water tanks and chemical storage solutions. Sometimes, you need to think outside of the tank!

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