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  • BS EN12573
  • EN 13067

With capacities up to circa 100,000 litres,  many UK effluent treatment companies and producers of trade effluents have benefited from the use of Niplast ® tanks for the containment of untreated and treated effluents, hot and cold process waters and for rainwater harvesting.

Product Specification


Product Specification

Typically Niplast ® bespoke welded thermoplastic tanks are employed to store incoming trade effluents from processing companies, subsequent pH balancing applications, solids collection and the decanting of water via valved decant ‘tree’ systems. Such installations will also use Niplast ® chemical storage tanks to hold the necessary acids and alkalis for the pH balancing process. Industrial process water tanks from Niplast® will be used for the containment of softened and other water types for reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Niplast® water and effluent tanks are manufactured in polypropylene and high density polyethylene with UV stabilisation for outside locations. Frost protection systems are available incorporating  tank heating systems, mineral wool insulation and subsequent tank exterior cladding in the prescribed thermoplastic i.e.polypropylene or high density polyethylene.

Where access for the effluent and water storage tanks is severely restricted Niplast’s SITEBILT® methodology can be employed to overcome such obstacles

Niplast Tanks for cold water, hot water, softened water, slurry, effluent, pH balancing and  de-watering applications can all be supplied with access ladders and inspection platforms.

More About Slurry & Effluent Tanks

With capacities up to circa 100,000 litres, many UK effluent treatment companies and producers of trade effluents have benefited from the use of Niplast ® tanks for the containment of untreated and treated effluents, hot and cold process waters, and for rainwater harvesting.

What Are Slurry Storage Tanks?

Slurry storage tanks are essential assets within industries that deal with the management of slurry – a mixture of water and solid particles. These tanks are purpose-built to efficiently store, manage, and transport slurry, all while mitigating environmental impacts and ensuring operational effectiveness.

The principal function of slurry storage tanks or a slurry tank as its called is to safely house and contain slurry until it can undergo further processing, transport, or eco-friendly disposal. Industries such as mining, agriculture, and wastewater treatment heavily rely on these tanks, as slurry is a byproduct of various operations. Thus it is important to invest in a high quality slurry storage tank made from high density polyethylene or polypropylene, mainly since regulations around silage effluent and slurry only allow for a certain number of repairs.

Constructed from durable materials, our slurry storage tanks are designed to endure the abrasive nature of slurry (dirty water), which often carries solid particles like minerals, sand, or organic substances. Their design is meticulously crafted to prevent leaks, spills, and contamination, thereby minimising the potential environmental risks linked to slurry.

The availability of slurry storage tanks in varying sizes and configurations ensures accommodation for diverse slurry volumes and types. Whether utilised in large-scale mining ventures or agricultural settings, our tanks are customised to meet the unique requisites of each industry. Appropriately designed and upheld slurry storage tanks amplify overall operational efficiency by enabling efficient slurry handling, storage, and regulated disposal or utilisation.

Why Choose Our Effluent Storage Tank?

Niplast’s Effluent Storage Tanks offer a plethora of compelling benefits, establishing us as the preferred choice for diverse industries. These customised welded thermoplastic tanks showcase unparalleled versatility and reliability, rendering them indispensable for addressing an array of effluent storage requirements.

Niplast’s Effluent Storage Tanks demonstrate adeptness in managing an extensive range of applications. They effectively store incoming trade effluents, facilitate pH balancing processes, facilitate solids collection, and seamlessly accommodate water decanting through valved decant ‘tree’ systems. These tanks seamlessly integrate with Niplast’s chemical storage tanks, housing essential acids and alkalis for precise pH adjustments. When it comes to industrial water needs, Niplast provides tanks designed to house softened water and other requisite types for reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Niplast’s unwavering commitment to innovative solutions is exemplified by its SITEBILT® methodology, effectively addressing constraints posed by restricted access when installing effluent and water storage tanks.

Other features that make maintenance easier are access ladders and inspection platforms for all Niplast tanks, catering to diverse applications such as cold water, hot water, softened water, slurry, pH balancing, de-watering, and more.

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    Today, with over 40 years of brand heritage, Niplast is an expert in manufacturing plastic bulk storage tanks or industrial tanks to strict CEN standard BS EN 12573 and its forerunner DVS 2205.

    Our long history of innovatively applying these standards to solve chemical storage problems sets us apart from other brands of underground water tanks and chemical storage solutions. Sometimes, you need to think outside of the tank!

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