Internal Tank Base Types

Internal Tank Bases To Enable Maximum Product Discharge

  • Promotes maximum drainage of tank's contents
  • Compatible with all Niplast storage tanks
  • Useful for high-value contents
  • Ideal for more viscose solutions

The standard base design for Niplast storage tanks is flat with the outlet connection positioned slightly above through the tank wall. Whilst perfect for most applications it may be necessary to alter this arrangement to maximise the evacuation of tank contents from the storage tank.

At the design stage Niplast will determine the most efficient tank base option, informed by your particular use. We offer two alternative internal tank bases which promote product discharge from the tank.

Sloping tank base, where one side is higher than the other, with an outlet connection at the lower end of the slope.
Conical tank base, with a central pipe that empties to the side of the tank.

On the underside of both base types is a series of concentric and/or perpendicular thermoplastic fully welded ribbing, which is designed to take the whole load of the tank contents through to the tank support plinth.

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