Chemical Storage

Chemical Storage
Strict legislations. Hefty fines... Place your chemical storage needs into the safest hands.

Safety is key when it comes to storing chemicals, which is why should place your chemical storage needs in safe hands. Niplast is one of the UK’s longest established manufacturers of chemical storage solutions for a diverse range of industries. Providing a comprehensive solution we’ve a versatile, durable and extremely safe line up of products for all your chemical storage applications. Take a look below.

Chemical Storage Tanks from Niplast

  • Specialist chemical storage tanks manufactured in polypropylene, high density polyethylene and PVDF
  • Up to 150,000 litre capacity
  • Custom made to accommodate preferred dimensions
  • Available in any BS4800 or RAL colour
  • Open top / closed top / flat bottom / sloping bottom / conical bottom
  • Cylindrical / vertical format
  • Designed to CEN and British Standards BS EN 12573
  • 20 year design life
  • With bunds -
  • Frost protection and access systems
  • Site constructed if needed

Safebulk Chemical Storage Tanks

  • Integrally bunded bulk specialist chemical storage tanks for the safe, self-contained holding of chemicals and other liquids
  • Simply offload, bolt down and fill-up
  • SAFEBULK comprises Niplast storage tank complete with 110% capacity bund
  • Accords with HSE guidelines on bunding of tanks to protect against spillage, overfilling
  • Complete with fill-lines
  • Significant cost-savings over civil built bund
  • Optional weather covers

Gas Scrubbers for Chemical Storage Tanks

  • Stay safe with these systems for the scrubbing of fumes arising from bulk stored chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and ammonia.
  • For static storage, pumped road tanker delivery and pressurised road tanker delivery.
  • In-process fume extraction systems including thermoplastic extraction fans, ducting and packing.
  • Sized for particular volume of fume throughput to reduce emissions to EPA approved limits.

Underground Chemical Tanks

  • Specialist chemical storage applications
  • Multi-load design allows underground location whether full or empty.
  • Designs vary to suit depth and loads. e.g. 1 metre soil loading.
  • 900mm access manway standard c/w hand-grips.
  • Bolting down lugs as standard.
  • Rectangular construction with thermoplastic internal and external ribbing.

From making sure the conditions are the right temperature, and the environment is safe, Niplast can provide a specialist chemical storage solution for you.

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