Plastic Tanks

Plastic Tanks
Niplast - specialist plastic tank manufacturers

At Niplast we take pride in the service we provide. Not only at the manufacturing stage, but far beyond this. Specialising in the production of industrial plastic storage tanks UK, we’re fortunate to say we’ve customers in a virtually every sector. Boasting on site manufacturing facilities we can ensure each and every one of our plastic tanks is designed to exacting standards, as we’re on-site to see that this is so! We’ve all encompassing in-house capabilities allowing Niplast to produce an extensive range of standard plastic tanks, as well as the mechanical engineering expertise to create bespoke plastic storage tank solutions.

As innovators in the plastic storage tank industry, we’re always looking at ways to improve both our product range and our service, so if you need any help at all when it comes to choosing your plastic tanks UK, just let us know.

Plastic tanks for virtually every application imaginable

Our plastic storage tanks are used for a variety of purposes, have a vast range of uses:

  • Molasses, liquid feed and liquid fertiliser storage
  • Chemical storage tank & mix tank
  • Beer and cider brewing
  • Winemaking
  • Water storage tank
  • Settlement or sludge tank
  • Chemical supply tanks
  • Process mix tanks

And in addition to our traditional moulded range of industrial plastic tanks, at Niplast we also offer a selection of conical bottom tanks, enabling complete plastic tank drainage.

Industrial plastic tanks - created for perfectionists

Our extensive range of industrial plastic tanks are strong, durable and corrosion resistant, which means you can rest easy knowing your contents are protected. Specially designed they boast smooth interiors, to help prevent bacterial growth and they’re extremely easy to clean. Polyethylene granules used in the production of our plastic tanks serves to reinforce their strength. Why not take a look at our complete range? Talk to one of the team to find out more.