Industrial Plastic Storage Tanks

Industrial Plastic Storage Tanks
Niplast - providing industrial plastic storage tanks for chemical, storage and distribution industries

As one of the UK's leading plastic storage tank suppliers, at Niplast we're confident that we have the right tank for your industry or application. Choose from an extensive collection of storage tanks UK, chemical plastic storage tanks, plastic storage tanks, industrial water tanks - if you’re looking for a complete turnkey solution, you’ve come to the best place. We are plastic storage tank specialists.

With a wealth of expertise in the design and manufacture of plastic storage tanks, created from thermoplastics at Niplast we’ve a fantastic reputation for providing an excellent service.

From industrial plastic storage water tanks to unique chemical storage tanks and high quality plastic storage tanks for the pharma, food processing, drinks and brewery industries - to name just a few. And as you’d expect from a market leading plastic storage tank manufacturer UK, you can rely on dependable after care. We’re dedicated to providing reliable technical support from the outset, to long after installation.

Plastic storage tanks - designed to perform

Manufactured to exacting standards at Niplast our plastic storage tanks conform to CEN standard BS EN 12573 and to DVS 2205 and we operate a documented quality assurance system to ISO 9001.

Though we adhere to the latest legislations, these precise design standards don’t restrict the performance of our plastic storage tanks in any way, or their capacities. Usually, unless we’re creating a plastic storage tank to a tailored spec, our tanks are formed from fabrication grade polypropylene - homo or co-polymer- high-density polyethylene and PVDF. In terms of the process of manufacturing, Niplast use a butt-fusion welding technique, from extruded thermoplastic sheets, which means you can be assured of long term strength of your plastic storage tank.

Looking for a specialist chemical plastic storage tank?

Here’s a quick overview of Niplast’s chemical storage tank range:

  • Manufactured in polypropylene, high density polyethylene and PVDF
  • Up to 150,000 litre capacity
  • Custom made to accommodate preferred dimensions
  • Available in any BS4800 or RAL colour
  • Open top / closed top / flat bottom / sloping bottom / conical bottom
  • Cylindrical / vertical format
  • Designed to CEN and British Standards BS EN 12573
  • 20 year design life
  • With bunds -
  • Frost protection and access systems
  • Site constructed if necessary

Find out more about our complete range of plastic storage tanks by talking to one of our team on 0161 477 6777.