Gas Scrubber Systems

Gas Scrubber Systems
Niplast provide a wide range of air pollution control systems that use various methods to remove pollutants from a gas stream.

These include;

  • Combustion
  • Wet Scrubbing
  • Dry Scrubbing
  • Absorber Materials

The Gas Scrubber systems provided by Niplast are designed to meet the exact requirements to effectively remove pollutants.

Niplast have provided industries all over the world with gas scrubbing systems for a diverse range of purposes. The scrubber tanks remove fumes created from storage of chemicals, whether they are static or mobile.

The Gas Scrubbers reduce emissions to meet with EPA legislation.

Scrubbers can be provided for road tanker deliveries as well as pressurized tankers and static tanks.

Gas Scrubbing for the Environment

Each specific case requires careful calculation depending on the volume of gases and the type of pollutant. Niplast understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient gas scrubber system that enables your industry to deal with anti-pollution measures.

Environmental policy is high on Niplasts list of priorities with worldwide industry becoming more and more concerned with the environmental impact of the products they release into the atmosphere. The Gas scrubber solution designed and manufactured by Niplast will help to produce the lowest possible air pollutants and will keep your business up to date with the latest developments and innovations in gas scrubber technologies.