Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Solutions

Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Solutions
Tanks must be capable of withstanding the harsh conditions required for the storage of sodium hypochlorite.

Niplast understand the special conditions required for the storage of harsh chemicals, and can ensure that you are provided with the correct solution.

Different strengths of sodium hypochlorite produce different decomposition rates, and it is therefore important to understand this fully when designing a suitable storage system. Environmental conditions can also greatly affect the accelerated decomposition rate as well as the presence of transition metal ions.

Other problems can arise when Oxygen levels are allowed to build up in the sodium hypochlorite solution through inadequate storage or transportation.

Storage Conditions

Niplast can provide storage tanks that will regulate the temperature and keep the sodium hypochlorite at a consistently cool temperature by installing air-conditioning on-site or providing adequate room insulation.

Each individual case needs to be reviewed separately to take account of special circumstances. That is why you can rely on the experts at Niplast to manage your chemical storage needs effectively and safely.

You will need to look at the required length of time you need to store the sodium hypochlorite to achieve the right storage solution and cost. Shorter-term storage can reduce your costs by utilizing different materials, but you will need to ensure that the correct materials are used for longer-term storage needs.

Your own company liability for storage of sodium hypochlorite needs to be considered in the event of a leak. You will therefore need to ensure that you are getting the correct advice from experienced professionals. Call our experts on 0161 477 6777 today.