Industrial Tank Manufacturer

Experts in Industrial Tank Manufacturing
Niplast specialise in design and manufacture of industrial tanks for a wide range of applications.

Tailor-made to your specifications, Niplast can be flexible in their approach to ensure that you get the perfect industrial tank for your storage requirement.

Experts in tank manufacture and supply, speak to Niplast about your specification and get the perfect storage tank solution;

  • Chemical Storage tanks – manufactured in polypropylene, PDVF and high density polyethylene, these industrial tanks can be made to your required dimensions up to 150,000 litre capacity.
  • SAFEBULK – bunded bulk storage, these tanks provide safe environments for liquids.
  • Water and Effluent tanks – Break and Booster tanks to your own dimensions.
  • Rectangular tanks – ideal for restricted spaces, providing maximum effective use of surroundings. Can be externally or internally reinforced.
  • Powder Silos – for granular storage or salt, sugar and other powders. Produce less condensation than metal tanks.
  • Gas Scrubbers – to eliminate fumes from chemical tanks.
  • Degassers – for the removal of carbon dioxide from water
  • Twin Walled Storage Tanks – Creating 110% bunding cavity for industrial tanks.
  • Site Constructed industrial tanks – providing fully welded tank solutions on site using flexible PP and HDPE.
  • Underground Tanks – Can be multi-loaded to allow for underground location when full or empty.

Bespoke Industrial Solutions

Niplast can also offer completely bespoke solutions for your industry, to ensure that you get the perfect tank solution in whatever material or capacity you require.

Simply call 0161 477 6777 today to discuss your requirements and get a quote.