Effluent Treatment Tanks Supply and Manufacture

Effluent Treatment Tanks Supply and Manufacture
Niplast can design, manufacture and supply industrial wastewater treatment tanks for storage, pH balancing and sludge decanting

With expert advice about effluent treatment tanks, Niplast can work with you to provide bespoke solutions for your waste water treatment project.

With Industry under constant pressure to adhere to emerging pollution control legislation from the European IPPC Directive, Niplast tanks can help to ensure your industrial waste water is treated effectively.

Niplast have an International reputation for quality, cost-effective industrial waste water treatment tanks manufacture and provide a professional, knowledgeable and efficient service.

Waste Water Treatment Applications

Waste water and effluent treatment plant is a structure designed to extract biological or chemical waste from water. Common uses of waste water treatment plants include;

  • Sewage Treatment
  • Agricultural water treatment
  • Industrial water treatment

All of these treatment processes require the use of bespoke liquid stoare tanks and Niplast tanks are used extensively for these applications.